Thursday, February 8, 2018


Hello! Many thanks to everyone who left comments in the last few weeks. I'm sorry I haven't been responding to each comment as I normally do. I have not been online much. I needed to disconnect.

I'm in an odd place in my life. I feel aimless, but somehow there is also a sense of quiet anticipation. As if I'm slowly rousing from hibernation and about to wake up. Or I'm floating on a vast, calm sea, drifting toward land which is now in sight.

I think some type of change is coming. I hope it is a change for the better.


  1. I hope everything is going well. I have missed your postings. I understand though about that feeling of needing to disconnect. I closed down my Facebook page for just that reason. Ive been able to focus more on my sewing and crafting, which makes me feels better. I still get online for new crafting ideas and going through my email. These days our lives seem to be connected at all times, it’s nice to have some peace from that connection. I hope your finding your peace, and that any change that is coming to you is a good one.

  2. Strange, I have been having kind of a similar disconnected but also excited feeling as well. Most importantly, I hope all is going well in your life, and eagerly await further news. :)

  3. I hope you're doing alright and that positive change comes your way!!